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By: Andy Sherman on May 2nd, 2014

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Microsoft Blinks, Issues Patch for IE on XP

Cyber Security

shutterstock_247201768Yesterday Microsoft issued a critical out-of-cycle patch for the IE 0-day vulnerability in security bulletin MS14-021. Contrary to past statements, this patch will cover Windows XP and will cover all versions of IE from IE6 through IE11. As all of the investments advertisements say “past performance is no guarantee of future performance.” You dodged a bullet this time, but it may be the last time. Upgrade now.

See the upgraded security alert we put on our web site

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Andy Sherman, Eden Technologies’ security practice lead has a PhD in physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and started his career in the academic world. He then went to AT&T Bell Laboratories where he discovered the power – and hazards – of large distributed computer networks. It was also at Bell Labs, during the early days of the Internet, that Andy became interested in the security problems associated with public networks. From Bell Labs Andy moved to the financial services industry. There he worked on a large range of infrastructure design, deployment, and management projects, but is best known for his 15+ years in information and technology security.